Michał Kmieciak

Pianist, composer and producer with versatile musical interests. Currently touring with solo project, showing his contemporary approach to classical music. Overflowing with melancholy has often been referred as "the music for the film, that does not yet exist". This silver screen aura and modern minimalism, sometimes bring to mind Icelandic composers but also you can hear some isnpirations from classical Romantic period. His pieces are often charged with emotions, mysterious and truly hypnotizing. Lively clubs many times turn into intimate concert chambers where the audience, with their eyes closed, can take a journey into mysterious and melancholy world of sounds.

Besides producing and composing film music, his solo project is only one of recent engagements. He was also cofounder of polish indie-pop band Hello Mark. The group performed on various festivals , gave live concerts in TV and radio.

On stage he is accomapanied by Dominika Dołżyńska on violin and Aleksandra Walczak on cello. They also record together his debut album, on which he is recently working on. It will be relased in april and will combine the classic with the contemporary.

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